Make your project a reality

This is your chance to finally focus on that project written on a piece of napkin! Apply for a mentorship focused on the realization of an innovation project. If you choose this type of mentoring, Adopte Inc. and its partners will provide $10,000 to help you launch an innovation project, rally your collaborators, achieve a first deliverable and, if necessary, work on creating leverage for additional funding.


Many resources for innovation are available in Quebec. A major obstacle for start-ups is the lack of financial means to structure an innovation project at the level required by the partners involved. This is why $10,000 will be made available to a research center and experts brought together to bridge the gap and work with your company. Thus, Adopte Inc. offers support and financial means so that more small businesses can stand out by innovating.

Be part of the local purchase movement with three overarching themes

For cohort 5, the Adopt Inc. movement wishes to seize the craze for local purchasing and the need to integrate sustainable development as a driver of economic recovery. Local purchasing can be translated in various ways: sourcing from Quebec suppliers through the circular economy, a regional project with local business partnerships that come together around a common issue, a digital transformation that brings manufacturing and distribution processes back to Quebec, and much more.


Adopte Inc. and its partners have called upon three college technology transfer centers (CCTT): Productique, experts in digital transition, CIRADD, experts in sustainable development and social impact, and CTTÉI, experts in circular economy, to help the adoptees respond to emerging innovation needs to develop new ways of doing things or new products and services.

Surprise us

The three themes will be prioritized, although all types of projects will be accepted. Have you already approached the ideal collaborators? No problem. All you have to do is convince us that your project is the best!

Get inspired

Let the adoptees of cohort 4 describe their achievement with the innovation fund, created in the pandemic emergency.

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Please note! You must choose between applying for a mentorship with financial support for an innovative project or a mentorship with a salary support.

Selection criteria

The entrepreneur

  • Be the head (general manager) of the company he founded
  • Have no legal recourse against himself or against the company
  • Be a majority shareholder (51% or more of the shares)
  • Priority to 18-39 but all ages accepted
  • Work full time for your own company
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (non-residents must have their Quebec selection certificate to apply)
  • Be available for a virtual or in-person interview

The business

  • Company incorporated under federal or provincial law (non-profit organizations and social economy companies are eligible)
  • Business whose head office is in the province of Quebec
  • Business at the eminent stage of commercialization
  • Company with significant differentiation elements
    • If no sales have been made:
    • A solid proof of concept
    • A validated product/prototype that is already working with significant growth potential
    • Company does not have excess liquidity or too much equity
  • Open to all industries except:
    • Sexual, religious or political projects
    • Start-ups in the conceptual stage
    • Self-employed workers
    • Any illegal or illicit activities